Non-woven fabrics (wadding) complete production line

The line in continuous operation - capacity up to 200 kg/h for the wadding (nonwovens fabrics) production. Capacity above 200 kg/h for felts production
Line can be seen in Poland,

The line consits of:
1) Befama carding willow - 1980, working width 1000mm. Modifications done in 2012: new electronics control with inverters, separate drives (new motors and gearmotors), new teeth on drums, an introductory belt - not a lattice. Fans and transportation pipes are included.2) Carding machine Befama CU641 2200mm - 1980. Modificationw done in 2012. working width. 1 collector -1100mm in diameter, 2 drums -1300mm diameter (on the first there are 4 pairs of working shafts, on the second 3 pairs of working shafts. Modifications: new electronics control with inverters, geared motors, proximity sensors, metal detector, dust extraction-fan. The carding machine is equipped with a large hooper feeder with a large storqage (bunker) (5000mm high). It is possible to have it connected directly into the carding willow. Carding wire in very good condition (changed regular – last change in March 2018). A lot of spare items.
3) Cross lapper Hegerth – 1994. Input 3000, output 4200. Working speed up to 60m /min. Modifications done in 2012: new drives and belts, new convenyon belts instead lattice. A lot of spare items.
4) Thermobonding oven - produced in 2012: length 7000mm, working width: 3400mm. steel net + teflon net. Heated with oil or alternative fuels. Fuel tank and heating burner included. It is possible to use gas burner.
5) Slitting and winding machine produced in 2012, 3400mm working width, 9 cutting knives.
6) Waste web edge opener - Befama 1990. Modification in 2014 - working width 750mm; additional fan
and pipes to the storage (bunker in hooper feeder).
7) Packaging device produced in 2012. 5 crushing arms. Working width up to 2400mm